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Birth Is an Initiation

As we bring a child into the world, we simultaneously give birth to that child's parent and guardian. This incredibly delicate yet powerful metamorphosis is shaped by your beliefs about yourself and your child, as well as the support you receive along the way. The Peaceful Birth Method is geared towards reviving this lost art of communal celebration, sovereign birth rituals and nourishing postpartum care. Learn how to honor yourself completely while weaving a deeper significance into your experience of bringing life into the world. 

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Each of us are weavers in the tapestry of human culture. Rather than following the old narratives of fear and disempowerment surrounding birth, we can choose to gift ourselves the joyful, sovereign and well supported birthing and postpartum experiences we deserve. This choice is an act of self love that ripples out for the generations to come. As we create our families, we have the opportunity to integrate a higher expression of the parenthood journey into the human experience, one aligned with Love. 

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Take a self-guided journey through our educational resources, created to help you embrace your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey in complete confidence. 

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Learn the 5 steps to having a peaceful birth experience

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Birth Affirmations

Access my birth affirmation soundtrack, created to support you in achieving a peaceful birth experience.

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Victoria’s birth preparation course has been one of the most empowering, illuminating, informative experiences of my pregnancy. Not only did I receive vital information about the physiology and stages of birth, but I also received very helpful information on creating a nurturing birth space, building a supportive birth team, my rights as a birthing person, herbal support, birth partner support, and positive examples of birth as a beautiful experience rather than a medical crisis.

Sarah Bennet 

This course is so thorough that most people could learn something new from it whether or not they’ve had children before. Expect to explore a wide variety of topics related to empowered birthing and alternative approaches for every stage of the gestation and birthing process. In addition, there are a number of activities designed to help the student process their learning experience through easily accessible art projects. Overall, this course is an effective tool for anyone seeking guidance for their reproductive journey.

Quinby Roman

My partner and I loved Victoria and her class! She is so knowledgeable and comfortable to be around, and we learned so much in our three sessions. As first time parents, we really had no idea what to expect but Victoria was amazing and we finished the class feeling so much more prepared and informed. 100% recommended!!

Sydney Nilan

Educational Offerings

The Comprehensive Guide to Sovereign Birth

The purpose of this course is to reteach birth as a rite of passage, to inspire expecting families to cultivate birthing support in alignment with their highest values. The curriculum offers a holistic approach to childbirth education, as we recognize the experience of birth reaches the depths of our entire being.

Expecting parents will gain a comprehensive understanding of the physiology of birth that supports them in feeling secure in the presence of normal, biological labor.

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The Complete Guide to Infant & Postpartum Care

An infant care & postpartum care class, woven into one! This is an evidence based guide created to support families through the transitional phase of the fourth trimester. We compassionately address the unspoken, intimate challenges and joys woven within the process of welcoming new life into the world. 

Gift yourself the tools to actualize an easeful, well supported and nourishing postpartum experience in alignment with your family’s needs, desires and values. 

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The Peaceful Birth Program

A birth preparation, newborn care, infant feeding and postpartum preparation program woven into one.

This program includes…

Weekly small group coaching over zoom throughout pregnancy until 6 weeks postpartum

24 hour email support

Lifetime access to The Comprehensive Guide to Peaceful Birth

Lifetime access to The Complete Guide to Infant & Postpartum Care

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When A Belly Blooms Photography