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Victoria Tippins

Mother, Student Midwife & Childbirth Educator


Joyfully Supporting Families


I have been in love with birth since I can remember. Witnessing the births of my siblings instilled a deep inspiration to pursue birth work from a young age. I feel continuously humbled by the magnificence of reproduction, by the power and intelligence woven within the source of our existence. The experience of birthing my own daughter into the world solidified my heart’s highest wish: to become a guardian of the birthing space. As a birth doula, childbirth educator and student midwife, I have been joyfully supporting women and all people bringing life into the world for over a decade.

Hi, I'm Victoria 

Founder of Peaceful Birth Method

 This is my Philosophy 


My intention is never to instruct, dictate or bestow my personal beliefs upon others, rather, I strive to encourage the authentic expression of labor and hold space in alignment with the family’s highest values. Rather than viewing birth as merely a medical event, I perceive it to be a celebration of life, a rite of passage and a powerful moment of transformation for an entire family. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share years of collected knowledge with birthing families, to walk alongside their journey in the most supportive way possible.

As a Mother, I’ve walked this journey

Now, I’m here to walk alongside you

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